deepico is the future

of the food industry

deepico is the most technologically advanced cloud ERP system, focussing on supply chain management for the food industry, increasing the efficiency of your operations up to 25%

deepico offers four specialised solutions for the food industry, each tailored to the sector’s needs

These solutions come with an integrated online shop and marketplace

Frutico, for the fruit and vegetable sector

Meatico, for the meat sector

Lattico, for the dairy sector

Fontico, for the beverage sector

Your benefits with deepico

100% digitalised processes: from purchasing to invoicing

Integrated, revenue-optimised online shop and marketplace

Secure cloud operation for scalability and real-time data

Always up-to-date SaaS software

Time savings and efficiency in day-to-day operations

Precise production planning and resource management

deepico helps you tackle your daily challenges: Become faster, more flexible and more cost-effective.

The demands on the food industry are constantly growing. Faster deliveries, more flexibility and individuality are expected in the face of increasing cost pressure.

More efficient processes and the development of new sales channels are urgently needed and improve margins. This is where deepico’s solutions come in and help you manage the complexity of day-to-day business optimally, and therefore significantly increase efficiency in your company.

All your business processes are efficiently covered

deepico’s solutions automate your operations to a large extent. Stock items are available in real-time, the demand for items is automatically determined based on your orders and the purchase of goods can be fully digitalised.

The production of semi-finished and finished products is completely managed by the system. During production, delivery times to customers and processing times of the products are automatically taken into account and the need for materials, including consumables, is managed by the system.

The modular design brings additional flexibility

Easy integration of third-party software extensions

Easy integration of third-party hardware extensions

Integrated online shop and B2B marketplace for maximum business potential

deepico is more than just a cloud ERP system – it is a complete marketplace for the food industry. With our integrated online shop system, you can sell not only your own products, but also products from other suppliers directly to your customers.

Our B2B marketplace model allows you to expand your sales channels and diversify your business by selling other customers’ products. This means you can achieve more sales and more customers without having to invest additional resources.

Our Team

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Who is behind deepico?

Deep Impact is a software development company and accelerator based in Winterthur with over 50 employees. The company supports businesses in their digitalisation efforts and incubates its own ventures.

Deep Impact has expertise in strategy, development, software engineering, user experience and artificial intelligence research. It specialises in solving complex problems and excels in digital transformation.

With a portfolio of over 200 successful projects, Deep Impact has extensive expertise in building software platforms efficiently and implementing them effectively.

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